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About dickey maegels interview 1979

Early Life and Athletic Journey

Dickey Maegle had a humble beginning in his early life. Born on July 11, 1934, in Taylor, Texas, Maegle grew up in a small town where playing sports was a way of life. From a young age, his athletic abilities were evident, and he quickly became involved in various sports, including football and track.

In high school, Maegle’s talent began to shine. He excelled in football, where his speed, agility, and natural athleticism made him stand out among his peers. With his exceptional running ability, Maegle became a star player for his high school team, attracting attention from college recruiters. This marked the beginning of his athletic journey, as the young Texan athlete set his sights on pursuing a career in football.

The Football Career of Dickey Maegle

Dickey Maegle’s football career spanned over a decade, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Born on December 10, 1934, in Taylor, Texas, Maegle showed early promise as an athlete. Excelling in track and field at high school, he quickly caught the attention of college recruiters.

In 1952, Maegle joined Rice University and began his journey as a football player. He proved to be a natural talent, displaying speed and agility on the field. Known for his impressive rushing ability, Maegle quickly earned a reputation as a powerful running back. His exceptional performance didn’t go unnoticed, and he was named an All-American in both 1953 and 1954. As his college career drew to a close, the question on everyone’s mind was what Maegle’s future held in the world of professional football.

Memorable Moments from Maegle’s Football Career

During his football career, Dickey Maegle became known for several memorable moments that showcased his exceptional skills on the field. One of these moments occurred during the 1954 Cotton Bowl Classic, where Maegle, playing for Rice University, broke free for a long run towards the end zone. However, just as Maegle was about to score, Alabama’s Tommy Lewis, baffled by the play, jumped off the bench and tackled him. This unprecedented act cost Alabama a penalty and awarded Maegle a touchdown as spectators marveled at the bizarre turn of events.

Another noteworthy moment in Maegle’s career took place during the 1955 Senior Bowl game. As a member of the South team, Maegle found himself facing off against an elite North team that boasted future Hall of Fame players such as Jim Brown and Jim Ringo. Despite the odds stacked against him, Maegle’s determination and skill shone through as he managed to score five touchdowns, setting a record that still stands today. With each touchdown, Maegle showcased his versatility and athleticism, leaving the audience in awe of his remarkable talent.

The Background Leading to the 1979 Interview

After a highly successful football career, Dickey Maegle found himself in the spotlight once again in 1979. The background leading to the 1979 interview began with Maegle’s retirement from professional football in 1964. Following his retirement, Maegle settled into a quiet life away from the public eye. He pursued a career in business and devoted himself to his family. However, even though Maegle had left the football field, he remained a revered figure in the sporting world. Fans and journalists alike held him in high regard, remembering his incredible talent and remarkable achievements on the gridiron.

Years passed, and memories of Maegle’s legendary football career began to fade for some. Yet, in the late 1970s, a renewed interest in his story began to emerge. As nostalgia for the bygone days of football swept the nation, journalists started to dig deeper into the life of Dickey Maegle. The desire to reconnect with one of the sport’s greats led to a concerted effort by reporters to track down Maegle and obtain an interview. This pursuit ultimately led to the climactic 1979 interview, where Maegle would reflect on his football days and share insights into his life after retirement.



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