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How Can You Protect Your VPS Server in UK?


Data is the new age gold. This statement is true in almost every case. Whether you have an IT business or a food chain across the state, your data is equally important. When you store your data online and allow the sharing to increase the client base, you are also inviting external threats.

So, how do you manage to secure the most valuable thing associated with your business? The answer lies in top-class servers. A server is like a home for the website. Just like we ensure the security of our homes, servers need protection, too. When you select a good hosting service like VPS Server UK, your data transmission process gets high-end security through their DDoS-protected servers.

How Can You Protect Your VPS Server in UK?

Get ready to uncover VPS hosting in the UK. This article will help you gain insight into managed and unmanaged virtual servers. Also, don’t forget to check our tips and tricks for a robust UK VPS.

Why Choose VPS Hosting in UK?

The choice of hosting completely depends on the nature and scale of your business. If it is a large-scale business with a huge clientele, then you will require a high-end server like a UK VPS.

Think of VPS hosting in the UK as a VIP lounge area in a cricket stadium. Just like the VIP area, UK VPS offers exclusivity of space and resources. You can find similarities between the amenities of VIP Lounge and VPS UK, as both services facilitate unparalleled resource utilization. The virtual server client gets high-end security for data in the same way a VIP lounge client gets end-to-end privacy.

If you have valuable data that needs a proper shield and you have a good number of website visitors, then you can go for VPS Server UK. Your website will be thoroughly enjoyed through the dedicated resources feature, and you can easily maintain a higher degree of control over your server.

Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Server: Which one is More Secure?

Regardless of the scale of your business, both managed and unmanaged VPS server UK facilitate top-grade protection. We want to make it clear to you that the security of your data depends hugely on how your UK VPS server is configured. Let’s check out both the types, managed and unmanaged, one by one.

Managed VPS UK:

To all those who are new to this term, a managed service is a virtual server handled completely by the provider. The handling of the server includes updation, patches, configuration, monitoring, etc. Now, you might have doubts regarding the safety and security of your data on a managed server. As a managed UK VPS client, you will get robust firewall configuration from expert technical support. Moreover, the team of technical experts will provide routine server monitoring, which includes thorough analyses of incoming requests. The list of benefits has one more perk, i.e., regular backups. Yes, even if you face any unforeseen situation, the team of experts will be ready to settle all the chaos within moments.

Unmanaged VPS hosting UK:

It is easy to think that a managed server offers better security than an unmanaged server. We urge you to go through the features of unmanaged servers, too, so that you have a clear view of who offers better security. When it comes to the decentralization of data, nothing can beat unmanaged UK VPS hosting. The thought behind this rationale is that no other team or person is managing your server on your behalf. You have complete control. No doubt, an unmanaged server does require both knowledge and time simultaneously. You, as a user, become in charge of server installation, updates, configuration, firewall settings, and encryption. This gives space for the implementation of better security tools.

Tips and Tricks for Securing VPS Hosting in UK

Tips and Tricks for Securing VPS Hosting in UK

We all need a secured server space to store and transmit our data as and when required. You would be amazed to know that, with some careful consideration, you can achieve a heavily guarded virtual server. So, don’t stop here; go through the entire list below.

  1. Regular Patches: Think of your VPS server UK like a house. Just as you’d fix a broken window to prevent burglars from getting in, regular patches are like fixing vulnerabilities in your server’s software. These patches, or updates, help keep your server secure by fixing known weaknesses.
  2. Clever Configuration: Imagine that configuring your UK VPS is like setting up locks and alarms in your home. Clever configuration involves setting up security measures correctly. It’s like making sure your locks are strong, alarms are working, and doors and windows are secure. Proper configuration ensures your server is well-protected.
  3. Frequent Backups: Backups are like making copies of your important documents. If something bad happens, like a server crash or a data breach, backups are your safety net. They help you recover your data, just like having spare copies of your documents at home.
  4. Robust Authentication: Authentication is like verifying who’s allowed inside your house. Robust authentication means using strong and secure methods for people (or processes) to prove they are who they say they are. This keeps unauthorized users out, just like having a strong lock on your front door.
  5. Updated SSH Port: SSH (Secure Shell) is like a secret passage to your VPS hosting UK. By changing the default SSH port, you’re hiding this passage from potential intruders. It’s like having a hidden entrance to your house that only you and trusted people know about.
  6. Powerful Firewall: A firewall is like a protective force field around your server. It acts as a barrier, allowing only approved traffic to enter and leaving out potential threats. A powerful firewall is like having a strong fortress wall around your castle, keeping invaders at bay.

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How You Can Secure Your UK VPS Hosting With Serverwala?

Serverwala Cloud Data Center, a leading VPS hosting provider, understands this need and offers a range of robust security measures to keep your VPS hosting safe and sound. By choosing Serverwala’s cheap UK VPS hosting, you’re securing your online presence with root access, DDoS protection, high network speed, reliable client support, and impressive uptime guarantees. It’s like fortifying your digital castle to withstand any challenges the online world may throw at you. Serverwala guarantees 99.90% uptime, ensuring your VPS hosting is available and accessible around the clock, just like having continuous electricity. The high-speed connections facilitated by Serverwala ensure your VPS UK performs at its best without paying any high charge.


In an era where data is often more valuable than gold, safeguarding it is paramount. The data you store and share online is a treasure trove that needs protection. Both managed and unmanaged VPS servers in the UK can be highly secure, depending on your configuration and needs. Managed VPS hosting offers convenience, with experts handling server management, updates, monitoring, and backups. Unmanaged VPS hosting, on the other hand, provides complete control, allowing you to tailor security measures to your specific requirements. Reliable providers like Serverwala ensure your data remains secure, just like guarding your most precious assets in a fortified castle.



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