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Early Life and Background of Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree, born Oliver Nickell, entered this world on June 29, 1993, in Santa Cruz, California. Raised by his artistic parents, creativity and expression were instilled in him from an early age. Growing up in a family where music and art were highly valued, it comes as no surprise that Oliver would find his passion in the world of music.

Though Oliver’s parents divorced when he was young, he had an unwavering love and support from both his mother and father. Their divergent artistic interests and backgrounds exposed Oliver to a wide range of influences. From his mother’s expertise in visual arts to his father’s extensive vinyl collection, he absorbed a variety of artistic forms. This eclectic upbringing would later shape and mold the unique musical style that would define Oliver Tree’s career.

Education and Musical Influences

Oliver Tree’s education and musical influences greatly shaped his artistic journey. Growing up in a musically inclined family, he was exposed to various genres and instruments from a young age. Although he never received formal training in music, his natural talent and passion for the art form drove him to pursue it further.

During his formative years, Tree was particularly influenced by alternative and punk rock music. The angsty lyrics and raw energy of bands like Nirvana and The Offspring resonated deeply with him, sparking an interest in creating his own unique sound. Tree also drew inspiration from artists like Gorillaz and Beck, who blended different genres seamlessly, pushing the boundaries of what music could be.

As he continued to explore his musical interests, Tree’s love for electronic music began to emerge. The infectious beats and futuristic sounds captivated him, leading him to experiment with incorporating electronic elements into his own music. This fusion of alternative rock and electronic influences became a defining characteristic of Tree’s sound, setting him apart from his contemporaries.

Although Tree’s education in music was mostly self-guided, his passion and curiosity drove him to learn and refine his skills continuously. Through hours of practice and experimentation, he honed his abilities as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, creating a unique musical identity that would become his trademark.

Career Beginnings and Breakthroughs

Oliver Tree’s journey in the music industry started with humble beginnings. In his early years, he demonstrated a keen interest in music, often experimenting with different instruments and musical styles. This passion drove him to explore various avenues to express his creativity and develop his skills as an artist.

During his formative years, Oliver Tree drew inspiration from an eclectic range of musical influences. From classic rock legends like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles to contemporary artists such as Beastie Boys and Justice, his musical tastes spanned across genres and eras. This diverse range of influences would later play a significant role in shaping his unique sound and artistic vision.

As he honed his craft, Oliver Tree began to make waves in the music scene. He caught the attention of industry professionals and fellow musicians alike with his distinct blend of alternative rock, electronic elements, and thought-provoking lyrics. His breakthrough came with the release of his debut EP, which showcased his musical prowess and ability to captivate audiences. This early success set the stage for a promising career, propelling Oliver Tree onto a path of continued growth and recognition in the music industry.

Notable Achievements and Career Milestones

Oliver Tree’s notable achievements and career milestones have established him as a prominent figure in the music industry. One of his striking achievements was the release of his debut EP, “Alien Boy,” in 2018. The EP garnered critical acclaim and gained significant attention, propelling Tree into the spotlight. The EP’s title track, “Alien Boy,” quickly became a fan favorite, with its unique blend of alternative rock and electronic elements captivating listeners. The success of this release laid the foundation for Tree’s future endeavors.

In 2019, Oliver Tree achieved another career milestone by collaborating with renowned artist Whethan on the hit single “Do You Feel Me?”. The song’s irresistible catchy hooks and memorable melodies showcased Tree’s ability to captivate audiences and solidify his presence in the music scene. The collaboration garnered millions of streams and marked a significant turning point in Tree’s career. It served as a testament to his artistic versatility and set the stage for further success in his musical journey.



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